April 9, 2011


There are just so many things that are going on in our lives right now. So many things that are lifting us to where we want to be.  I will list a few of them:

  1. My back pain is all but completely gone! Thats right folks. I still have some tightness when I don’t stretch at the end of the day, but the pain is gone. The only thing that I have changed is the Monavie Active. I’m not saying its the cure…. but I am sure it has executed this amazing feat for me.
  2. We have wonderful new friends in our lives. Ok… another thing that is thanks to Monavie. All of the wonderful people that we get to talk to and meet at tastings. And it has given me the confidence to talk to random people and really get to know them, whereas before I would say hi and move on.
  3. Bill’s health is better. His knees aren’t hurting him very much anymore and his moods are a bit better.
  4. Money. As you all know, we have money issues. But right now they are turning around. I like that. Its slow going…. as it is for anyone that is starting a business. I mean, you can’t expect to make a profit in your first few weeks. And if you do…. WOO HOO! Right?
  5. I lost another inch around. The dress fits perfect now!

Ok…. so I guess this post seemed like an advertisement for Monavie. But I tell you guys what is going on in my life and that is what is going on. The juice is really changing my life!



March 26, 2011

Moving Along…..

So, this past week has just been crazy. I am getting used to working 2 jobs – one of which I love – and I have been taking a bit of time to really prioritize what is important in the coming days. We are after all inching closer and closer to the big day…. 56 days to be exact. I started my Monavie RVL and that has just been amazing. One of the important things that I realized is that I need to be healthier, not just skinnier. So I looked at the Monavie products and there are just so many wonderful things in them, that I decided that for Bill and I, this is the thing to get us and our health on track. I am staying away from the scale for now…. focusing instead on how I feel. And for now its great. I have not had coffee in 4 days and I am not feeling the effects of withdrawal. For anyone that is interested, I am linking to my Monavie page and you can get all the information that you would like from that and the main Monavie website.

As far as the wedding goes, planning and prep and coming right along. There are still a ton of things that I would like to do and have done by the end of this coming moth. Speaking of which – must mail out application for marriage license. It would suck if I forgot that. But other than that, it is all looking pretty good.

Today was a huge day for Arianna. It was the first time that she got to have a big girl birthday party. I took her, and Alexis, and one of Arianna’s friends to Spokane and we had high tea. It was wonderful and we are stuffed. I think that I will be stuffed for days. I definitely went over my calories for the day here. Actually, I think that I went over my calories for the week. But it was worth it to see the look on her face when we got there and they put all the sweets in front of her. It was reminiscent of Veruca in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory….. She wanted it all, right then and there.

But it was a long day and my wonderful, loving future husband is doing the dishes, because he knows just how tired I am after working 2 jobs and doing the party today, and just being me. So I am going to go and take a few minutes to lay my head down before I collapse.

Bye all……



March 16, 2011

End of week 2

Here we are and its the end of week 2. This was a hard week for me. We had Bill’s birthday on Saturday and The ensuing giant ice cream sundae that we all shared. ( I ate way more than my share). And well…. I guess that was the only thing that should have thrown me off, but I seemed to get derailed early and I struggled to get back on track.

I started my new job yesterday. I am working for 3 hours a day, 4 days per week at a tiny little Thai place in town. Its just 5 tables and a ton of take out, but the chef/owner, Lin, is great. And I get a shift meal when I work. Tonight I got Pad Thai and brought it home to share with Bill. Tomorrow, we will be having green curry chicken. YAY!

Well, back to the weight loss journey. We had a major success tonight. After losing nearly 2 inches off of my bust, Bill thought that I should try to get into the dress that I bought for the rehearsal dinner. Some of you may know that I bought the most beautiful silk dress from Ann Taylor, in what I thought was my size, and it was the last one, and it was a $215 dress that I got for $30. Well, when it arrived, it was too small. Or I should say that I was 3 inches too BIG! So I hung the dress above our bed for the last month, so that I would see it every time I walked past the bedroom and I would remember my goal. Well, I slinked into the dress tonight and, after a bit of struggling with a snagged zipper, we got it zipped up! I couldn’t breath all that great….. I would still like to lose .5-1.0 inches. But after that it is perfect.

Thats me. No make up and my hair is not done, and its a crappy cell phone pic….. but that is me in the dress. I love it!

For the Spring in2 Action challenge, I lost 1lb. Not the best week there…. I’ll admit that. But I did lose .5inches on my bust, 1.75inches on my waist, and .25inches on my hips. Plus I am up to 9 military style push ups. I am so very proud of me for that. WOOT! – No girlie knee stuff for me. I am bad ass and I’ll just keep getting better. And that is the most important thing. Bill also lost 5lbs this week, so I think thats pretty awesome too. Go Team Muffin Topless!!!!

Talk again soon.



March 12, 2011

Just a quickie this morning

Well…. I only have time for a quick post this morning. Today is my future husband’s 30th birthday. I ran out this morning and got jack in the box breakfast to wake him up (I waved the hashborwns under his nose until he came to) and we have spent the morning laying around the house hanging out with the kids laughing and joking. We are off to have some kind of an adventure today, but I am not sure what. So…. when I get home tonight, I will share. Till then, by-eeee.



March 9, 2011

Week 1… OVER!

YAY! I am officially done with week one of the Spring in2 Action challenge. It was a hard week. It usually is. For those that don’t know, I work at a nursing home. I am there all day on Sunday, Monday, and most of Tuesday. And to tell you the truth it gets hard when I am making them food, to stick to a diet. I almost always end up eating a bit of what I make for them. Mind you its not bad for you, but its not going to help me either. And I am tired enough from my minute to minute work that I don’t want to add making another meal when I am trying to make theirs by a certain time.

So, in spite of all that, I still lost. It wasn’t a huge week, but it was great for me. I lost 3.6 lbs to be exact. And that in its self is pretty good. But the thing that I am most happy about is the 1.5 inches that I lost from my bustline. Now I only have 2 more to go. I lost another half inch off of my waist and my hips too. The push ups were hard, but I found time to fit them in… and I maxed out at 6, but that is ok. I will go farther next week.

My weakness has been sweets. I want something sweet. Ok…. I NEED something sweet right now! but I am trying the moment by moment method from the sisterhood. We’ll see how far I get. I have not been great with the follow through in the past. But this is important. All of these things add up to pictures that I will have forever in my beautiful wedding dress. And past that, I will be healthy and able to have a peanut with my hunny.

What has worked for me:

Yesterday Elle and Lindsay over at Prior Fat Girl inspired me to play 10 things with myself. Its a little mental game that packs a big punch. Lets say you want something. Like, I want my sweet thing…. SO BADLY! So you say, “Ok… You can have your sweet stuff, if you can’t name 10 things that you want more than said landmine.” And I started to think. There are things that I want so much more. And here was the list that I came up with:

  1. Be able to wear my wedding dress
  2. Be able to fit into rehearsal dinner dress
  3. To lower my dose of metformin
  4. Be able to wear a bathing suit in public on my honeymoon
  5. To wake up without back pain
  6. Be able to get pregnant and hold onto said pregnancy
  7. Wear sexy underthings
  8. Be able to run a 5k without walking
  9. To hold onto that great feeling I get when the scale goes down
  10. Be able to look back at our wedding pictures and not be disappointed with myself. I want to be able to say that I was healthy.

So, does eating something sweet and probably not too good for me get me anywhere closer to any of these goals? No! Its does not! Of course I can eat something sweet and still get to these goals, but if we have learned nothing over the years, its that I have no control. One cookie will turn into 5, a trip to Jack-in-the-Crack for a small shake will become a large and a burger with fries. So…. No. I will not eat that sweet thing. Because getting closer to the things on that list is more important than a little bit of instant gratification.

Well, its time for me to sign off for the day. I need to figure out what I am making for the hunny when he gets home from work. I am thinking something with whole wheat rotini and vegies sounds yummy.



March 8, 2011

Work, work, work

Well, I am home from work for a few hours. Its been a crazy couple of days. They have started a night shift at my work, however my schedule is still the same. And now I am getting less sleep than I was when I was sleeping on premasis. But its ok….. Money is money and even though I make $2 less per hour than I used to, I am still bringing home the same amount because of taxes. Crazy!

On the weight loss forefront, I have been so busy that I have not had a chance to take before pictures to put on here. But I will say that I measured myself when I got home from work this morning and I have lost 1 inch on my bust and .5 on my hips. WOOT! So very excited about that. 2 more inches to go and I will have lost what I put on from the car accident and I will fit into my rehearsal dinner dress. That is my big goal right now. I have it hanging above our bed so that I have to look at it all the time and I will think when I want to eat something that I shouldn’t.

So, I know that this was a short post, but I have to run off now. I need to do my push ups for the day and I need to put food into my belly.

Just keep swimming…. One day at a time…… Eye of the tiger….. and any other cliches that you can think of.


March 4, 2011

First day and doin ok….

Well, I made it through the first day of the Spring in2 action challenge and the hundred push-up challenge and I think that I am ok. I did ok on the eating today, but I broke down and had a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch for dessert. Should not have done that, but sometimes I can just tell when I have not had enough sugars. about 30minutes after I take my glucose pill I start to get real sick and I get a headache. At that point, its too late to eat something good for me. I need sugar! Other than that, I kept my calories right around 1500 and I am proud of me for that.

I have a partner for the challenge now too. Her name is Amary. I won’t venture to tell her story…. I don’t know her well enough for that. But you all can visit her at her blog and get to know her. Now we are Team Muffin Topless! And we are going to kick ass.

Ok guys….. its going to be a short one today. I am a bit tired and the man is actually awake and alive to spend time with me. More to come.