It starts here….

In the beginning there was nothing. Well, not so much nothing as a lack of something. There was the old me. Overweight, unhappy, in debt, etc. Pretty much everything that I disliked in other people. Not that I am that different now. Heck, this is only day 1. But today, I guess there just feels like there is more.

I started thinking about a blog a few weeks ago. I came across an extremely inspirational blog of a girl that changed things (mostly her health and the way that she eats) and it changed the rest of her life too. Angela inspired me to make a serious change in my life. I had started changing little things 2 years ago. I left an unhealthy relationship and moved to a city far away from my family and friends, hoping for a fresh start. Well, that is what I got. About 7 months after moving to Sandpoint, I met the most amazing man. Starting as friends, something grew between us and in July of 2009 we started dating. And then came responsibility.

There I was trying to start a new relationship with 3 little sets of eyes watching me; Bill’s kids. The day before New Years Eve Bill proposed. And suddenly I found myself navigating through uncharted seas. I thought, “How can I be a good role model to these kids when the larger part of my life is a mess?”. This made me want to change but I wasn’t sure how.

So I started to think. I read books and I implemented new plans. I started working out and I fell off the wagon.  And then I came across that fateful blog and here I am. So, I am going to document my journey here. Show you how I am getting control and how my life is going from Walmart to Pottery Barn without spending any extra.


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