Lions and Tigers and Bears….

Oh my! Ok ok, there are no lions and tigers, but look at this cute little guy I saw yesterday –

Its a good thing I’m always really early to work or the 10 minutes that I sat in the car trying to get this picture would have started my day off wrong. I took a few pics, but he never showed me his full face. Bashful little guy. But my whole weekend was like this. We moved along and wonderful moments just popped up out of nowhere. Like our picnic dinner on friday, the beautiful morning jog on saturday, or like this moment…

This is Alexis… she is 6 and soon to be one of my wonderful step-children. She lost another tooth. Now… Lexi is unduely scared sometimes and this was no different, but just like last summer when I pulled on of the other ones that you see missing, she let me help and then realized I was right… It wouldn’t really hurt. We all smiled and laughed. It was just one of those moments. Now if the other ones would just grow in she would be able to say “THE”.

Well, Bill was wonderful enough to get most of the house clean yesterday, so now it is my turn to get the rest; I may even get started on a new project. But first, I think lunch out on the lawn is in order.

I love summer.


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