Diet? I hate that word!!!

I really do hate the word diet. Honestly, I refuse to “go on” one. I have done the diet thing for years and the thing is, I never stick to it. I love food. And I am always thinking about all the lovely things that I can’t have. Like tonight’s dinner. Now that was good.

I don’t eat pork that often. Really ever. But Bill loves it and he puts up with the turkey bacon. So I bought some frozen ribs on sale the other day and we cooked them up tonight. I rubbed them with cajun seasoning and put them into the oven, covered, for 2.5 hours. Then we put them o the grill for 5 minutes each side. Oh they were awesome. And not to let the heat go to waste, I had Bill cook up half of a very large steak and we can have that for lunch tomorrow. I love summer grilling!

Well, its late and I have to get up tomorrow for yet another run. I am going to spend some time working on wedding stuff tomorrow, so I’ll take some pics and let you in on that stuff then.

Have a good night all.


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