I have the best honey in the whole world. Back when I was single, I bought myself a zune, I lived with my friend Ben, life was good. Then Bill and I moved in together and Ben’s computer died. I no longer had music for my zune. We bought a new computer in November of last year and I tried for weeks to get the zune software to load – No luck! Its been sad.

Well, this weekend, Bill tried to load it again. And sweet wonderfulness that he is…. he got it to work. I lost my sync cord in the move, so I borrowed a friends until friday and look:

and look:

I am currently in the process of downloading 345 songs. I missed out on a lot not having my zune and I have to catch up.

Well… I still haven’t showered today, so I am off. Maybe a long walk or small run is in order tonight now that I have music.

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