Always something going on.

I love the weekends. When I conceived of this blog, I thought that I would only post on the weekends if something happened. I never realized that there is always something going on on the weekends. We woke up at the crack of dawn today and headed out to the Veteran’s Standdown that they were having at the local fairgrounds. Bill was in the airforce, so we were able to participate.

When we arrived, there were veterans of all eras waiting to get in. And the line just never seemed to end. First things first there were prayers for our men and women still serving, the ones for servicemen and women lost, and a thank you prayer for us to be able to have such an event.

When we entered the building there were all sorts of tables with people there to help with most any need that they would have. We were given large ruck sacks and we weaved our way through isles of military surplus clothing, warm winter wear, and other things that we might need. At the end of the line was a large box of groceries for each serviceman and lunch for their families on the picnic grounds. It was an amazing event and we are very grateful. the kids get warm winter coats (not fashionable, but they will be great for not dieing of hypothermia). Below is the haul:

It made for a long morning. We came home and the girls cleaned their room while I putzed around the house. And then there was this:

And when they shifted… it just got cuter:

After naps, our kids and the neighbors came out to play on our new slip n slide. I forgot how much these things ROCK!

After all the water fun, I cooked dinner. Yummy Scallop and Shrimp stuffed Portabello mushrooms with whipped sweet and regular potatoes.

And once again… as if I need to say it…. I love summer.


One Comment to “Always something going on.”

  1. Hey, how great to finally see pictures of Bill and the Kids – and we can finally see their faces. What fun they were having on the water slide, you can see they were really enjoying themselves with pure abandon. Your stuffed mushroom looks pretty good too. What a little domestic you are becoming. How great for you.

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