Strange how life changes

Its odd sometimes, the way that your life can change. I know that dogs and especially puppies take a lot of your time, but I didn’t realize that my life would revolve around them. Even when I am gone I am thinking…Are they ok? Are they being good? Jeez! But on that puppy note, I have to show you Kirk last night.

I swear if he had pants I would call him Al Bundy. There are other pictures, but his paw moved in them, and I decided that they were too dirty.

We took them for the longest walk that they have been on yet with their new double leash and they were so good! I am so proud. But they were plum tuckered out when we got home.

It was nice that they were so tired too, because I was able to spend some time on something that I love:

Cherry turnovers with white chocolate mousse

Well, I am off to make breakfast. I am eating about 2 hours later than I usually do and my tummy is queezy for it.


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