Stuff going on

Bill and I are starting to talk about houses. We are not going to buy this year, but we would like to put our money into something other than someone else’s assets. There are so many things that we have to do in this next year. We are just now starting to look at our finances and see where those are and the cost of a house that would fit our family. There are just so many ducks that have to be in a row first. Like a job for me. That’s a big one. I have an interview at the natural foods store on Wednesday, so fingers crossed for that. I would love to have that job. It would be a great place for me to learn and grow as a foodie and a blogger.

There is a home inspector coming tomorrow to look at our master bathroom. We have lived here for a year and I just can’t seem to get the mold to go away. Now it is so bad that Bill will take a shower in there and he won’t do anything else. He will not step foot in there. Its annoying and the mold is dangerous, so I called our landlord, whom I thought was aware of it before we moved in and asked for help. Hopefully they won’t condemn the whole building and we can just replace the drywall and subfloor in there.

I am on a creative streak with my food, but I am forgetting to take photos of it. I have made some amazing salads and we just bought about $200 in groceries to replenish the pantry and stuff, so I will be making some great stuff. I can’t wait to make Buffalo Tofu this week…. yummy yummy. Yokes had frog’s legs on managers special, so we bought two packs and I put them into the freezer until I can cook them later this week. I haven’t had them in many moons and I am so excited.

Well, I have to run…. I have a ton of stuff to do tomorrow and go to work, so I need sleep.


2 Comments to “Stuff going on”

  1. I hope you are getting ahead of the mold and using white vinegar to keep it at bay.

    • I am actually going to do that today. we get the test results back from the lab in the next few days. That should tell us what kind of mold it was and if we have to pull out the whole bathroom and start over. Fingers crossed. I don’t want to have to deal with that.

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