Feels so good!

I woke up this morning with the best of intentions. But the couch called me and I fell asleep with the puppies for about an hour. I woke up to Bill saying something about something and promptly fell back into dream land. When 9 finally rolled around, I started to pick myself up and decided that today would be the day. The one where I stop shoving down cookies made with a stick of butter (even though they make me swoon) and start taking responsibility for the fact that I am the only one that can make me drop 30lbs by the wedding. And oh… how I long to be in that size 10.Sure it feels so very good to lay around on the couch and eat eat eat. But that isn’t going to help anyone.

I have been signed up for LiveStrong.com for a while now, but now I am actually using it. The MyPlate feature is lovely. Nearly every food that you can think of is cataloged with its nutritional values. All you have to do is type in what and how much and it adds it up. Then you put in what you did for a work out…. today I did the P90X Cardio X video. I know that if I was to start P90X that would not be the video that I would do today, but it felt so good. But it was not in the system, so I entered high impact aerobics instead and it said that I burned about 550 calories in 47 minutes. Thats awesome. I may do it again before bed. You know… try to get my body burning all night while I sleep.

My goal is to intake 1800 calories per day and burn 1000 in addition to the calories I use to live. As long as I eat clean foods and up my intake if I start to bonk… I should loose an average of 3lbs per week. With 9 months to go until the wedding I should be in fine shape.

I am going to try to be on track. I may fall off the wagon every now and again. Who knows after all…. I’m only human.


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