The Horror…..

Hi all…. ok so I have been a slacker lately. But on the first day of my 30th year on the earth, I am back. I do not know that I will will be here everyday. In fact, I can tell you that I won’t. I have no access to a computer on Sunday or Monday while I am at my new job.  But I will be around.

I start my triumphant comeback with an update on the weight issue. I have fallen off the wagon. And I didn’t fall onto a soft pillow either. Today…. I hit with a thud! I found the wedding dress that I want to wear. The dress comes in sizes up to 16. I am not a bridal 16…. this I know, bridal runs smaller. But DAMN!!! what I am hurts. I have to lose somewhere close to 10 inches from bust, waist, and hips individually. So…. while I will continue to blog about my life and the things that go on in it, the tone of this page will change a bit….  I want to look a certain way in the dress that I love and stand next to the love of my life on my wedding day…. and I only have a short time to do it in. T minus 233 days and counting!


2 Comments to “The Horror…..”

  1. YOU GO WOMAN!!!!!!! (Ha Ha no longer a girl!)
    Kiss Kiss Smooch Smooch

  2. Me thinks no baked goodies, pasta and bread. You can do it!!!

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