First day and doin ok….

Well, I made it through the first day of the Spring in2 action challenge and the hundred push-up challenge and I think that I am ok. I did ok on the eating today, but I broke down and had a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch for dessert. Should not have done that, but sometimes I can just tell when I have not had enough sugars. about 30minutes after I take my glucose pill I start to get real sick and I get a headache. At that point, its too late to eat something good for me. I need sugar! Other than that, I kept my calories right around 1500 and I am proud of me for that.

I have a partner for the challenge now too. Her name is Amary. I won’t venture to tell her story…. I don’t know her well enough for that. But you all can visit her at her blog and get to know her. Now we are Team Muffin Topless! And we are going to kick ass.

Ok guys….. its going to be a short one today. I am a bit tired and the man is actually awake and alive to spend time with me. More to come.




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