End of week 2

Here we are and its the end of week 2. This was a hard week for me. We had Bill’s birthday on Saturday and The ensuing giant ice cream sundae that we all shared. ( I ate way more than my share). And well…. I guess that was the only thing that should have thrown me off, but I seemed to get derailed early and I struggled to get back on track.

I started my new job yesterday. I am working for 3 hours a day, 4 days per week at a tiny little Thai place in town. Its just 5 tables and a ton of take out, but the chef/owner, Lin, is great. And I get a shift meal when I work. Tonight I got Pad Thai and brought it home to share with Bill. Tomorrow, we will be having green curry chicken. YAY!

Well, back to the weight loss journey. We had a major success tonight. After losing nearly 2 inches off of my bust, Bill thought that I should try to get into the dress that I bought for the rehearsal dinner. Some of you may know that I bought the most beautiful silk dress from Ann Taylor, in what I thought was my size, and it was the last one, and it was a $215 dress that I got for $30. Well, when it arrived, it was too small. Or I should say that I was 3 inches too BIG! So I hung the dress above our bed for the last month, so that I would see it every time I walked past the bedroom and I would remember my goal. Well, I slinked into the dress tonight and, after a bit of struggling with a snagged zipper, we got it zipped up! I couldn’t breath all that great….. I would still like to lose .5-1.0 inches. But after that it is perfect.

Thats me. No make up and my hair is not done, and its a crappy cell phone pic….. but that is me in the dress. I love it!

For the Spring in2 Action challenge, I lost 1lb. Not the best week there…. I’ll admit that. But I did lose .5inches on my bust, 1.75inches on my waist, and .25inches on my hips. Plus I am up to 9 military style push ups. I am so very proud of me for that. WOOT! – No girlie knee stuff for me. I am bad ass and I’ll just keep getting better. And that is the most important thing. Bill also lost 5lbs this week, so I think thats pretty awesome too. Go Team Muffin Topless!!!!

Talk again soon.




5 Comments to “End of week 2”

  1. Congrats on your success this week! Bill’s too!

  2. Oh my gosh you look beautiful in that dress! That is such an accomplishment!!! Congratulations on your dress and the top ten leaderboard. WTG!

  3. Wow you look great in that dress!! Isn’t it fun seeing the result of our labors as we can get into clothes that laughed at us last time we tried!

  4. Beautiful Maresy, Just beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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