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June 27, 2010

Wedding Thoughts

I am going to start posting about my wedding planning. Being an event planner, I have so many ideas. Many that I will never be able to fit into my small affair. But I feel that there is a need to show ordinary people that there is a way to have what you want and make it spectacular, even when your bank account says differently.

Engaged!!! And then…..?

If you’re like me, then next comes $50 in bridal magazines. And if you find out that you’re on a budget…. Oops… there went your personalized napkins and matchbooks or the deposit for your elephant. As an event planner, I had seen the ridiculous things that brides just have to have. And I, being the blushing bride, was following in suit. During my many hours of web surfing, looking for the coolest and most fun, I found websites about how to do things yourself. I had always touted this as a method to keep costs down, but I wasn’t taking it to heart. Then came the dreaded B-word : Budget. As it turned out, ours was pretty small. I looked at the list of people from our families that we just had to invite (my list was a bit larger than his), and looked at the number in front of me. How was I going to plan the chic, elegant, garden wedding that I had always dreamed of – for 60 people- on $5000? DIY it is!!!

I looked at my family realized that there is a wealth of talent just waiting to be exploited. All the people with eyes for detail will help with the set up of the reception. Changing the rehearsal dinner to a rehearsal lunch, at a cute little restaurant, would save us moola and that would give the “women folk” a chance to gather in the evening to make the flower arrangements. Bill, my ever patient fiancé, likes to put things together. So, I am giving him the drawing of the makeshift photo booth, the list of supplies, and letting him have at it. Invitations, menus, and other paper products = wine, cheese, me and my MOH. Other various projects can be done on the weekend or a productive evening in front of the TV.

Now this type of wedding isn’t for everyone. There are those people that just can’t find the time to put into it. Or those that feel that DIY is tacky. Well to the latter of these people I give a big giant raspberry… THHHSSSSPPPPPP!!! Our wedding will be classic and beautiful, and most important it will be us. A celebration of us, our families, and a testament to what a little bit of love and elbow grease can do.