My name is Marin. I am a 30 year old part time event planner, waitress/cashier, elderly care giver and I live in Sandpoint, ID. I have lived all over the country and I love to explore new places.  I had been living here for a bit and then, after meeting the love of my life, I made the decision to stay . We are getting married in May and I will become a (official) step-mother to three beautiful children.

Over the years, after many mistakes, I let my life get out of control. I guess I figured that the things that I want should just come to me. But now, I know that is not how things work. I have decided to become proactive in creating the life that I have always dreamed of.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure.


I have been making it all my life. Sometimes it seems like the truck just backed up to the front door and let loose its payload. The clinical depression, multiple endocrine disorders, the abusive EX-fiance. I tried to hide it and to most of the world I had a decent go of things…. for a while.

Two years ago, I stopped pretending that everything fit into the cookie-cutter mold that I so desperately felt it should. I started to make Lemonade out of all those lemons and guess what? Things started to slowly but surely work their way around. They slid nicely into that mold. Now… I’m not saying that I have the best life, but I’m getting there and I have a whole new recipe to make the sweetest nectar out of that bitter, yellow harvest.


I created this blog to hold myself accountable to something… even if I never get a reader. Lately I have rediscovered  my love of cooking (and the difference between loving food and loving to eat), and a longing in my heart to travel (even through my own neighborhoods), I have a new respect for myself and its going to be a busy year. I am getting healthy, I am planning a wedding ( on a shoestring), trying to save for a honeymoon.

I will be posting about money and our journey to get out of debt, planning a wedding, my obsession with food and how I am turning it into a good thing, travel, etc… basically how I am creating a Pottery Barn life on a Walmart budget.


One Comment to “Marin”

  1. Love it honey! You are tunring into such a wonderful woman! I am very proud of you.

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