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March 3, 2011


I’m baaack! After quite a few people let me know that my absence was unacceptable…. I thought about it and I decided that they were right. I was being unacceptable. I started this blog to share my life, good and bad. To be accountable and I wasn’t. I thought that I could slip away into the oblivion of my depression and stress and that would be ok. Well, I am here to say that its not. You were all right. And yes…. I am admitting it! Someone other than me was right.

The wedding is soon. Oh so very soon. There are so many things that I am working on and that will all have to be discussed in a later post. But for now I would like to share with you all the Spring in2 action challenge. Please do this…. its good for all of us to get healthy (and do the 100 push up challenge too).  I am going to say something here and its not something that I am proud of…. but I am 227lbs. I was less. I was working on the weight loss. And then I got hit by that stupid car. And here I am 24lbs heavier. Well, I have a dress to fit into in 79 days and I am going to do it. I will post pictures later. I feel like I need to share what my body looks like now if I am ever going to push past it. Plus Bill and I would like to go to the caribbean on a cruise for our honeymoon and I refuse to have a muffin top in those pictures. So…. in that spirit… I am team Muffin Topless. HA HA HA. Anyway. Join me and we can support each other.

I missed you all and I will be back soon to chat, But I just got home from the gym and my arms are tired…. typing takes more muscles than you realize. By-eeeee.